…nothing beats real life.

Best Day Ever

A rooster crowing greeted us as we opened the door of the hotel room and stood waiting for one to dig through the pile of snorkel gear in search of flip flops and another searching for the room key that mysteriously disappeared during the night. And then we were off in search of an adventure. One that, as it turns out, included lots of chickens and roosters on the trail at Honolua Park. At one point Leif stopped and said, "I need to take a picture of him in this light." My heart nearly burst. He gets it. He sees light. He is light. My job here is done. Or maybe it's just beginning. I don't know. Let's ride... 


Best Day Ever

live every day to the fullest.

choose happiness.

do what you love.

make it count.

make every day the best day ever.