Jillian's 4 Month Session

Magic. It's what happens when we live our lives to the fullest. It's where we play with our kids and teach them what we know. Sometimes it happens out on an adventure and often times it happens between the walls of our homes. It's everything that Baby Jillian's 4 Month photo session was and everything their family is. Most of all, it is love.

John & Amanda, thank you for allowing me to capture the magic of childhood and unconditional love of your beautiful family once again. Until next time... xo 

4 month old baby girl smiles at the camera
boy plays ring around the rosie with Snoopy on his bed at home in Cheyenne
family cuddles and reads a story together on bed at home in Cheyenne
baby girl sleeps and holds onto mom's shirt while snuggling at home in Cheyenne
4 months old baby girl lays on bed and smiles up at mom at home in Cheyenne
baby sister looks up to big brother while mom holds baby brother upside down at home in Cheyenne
big brother and 4 month old baby sister lay side by side and smile at the camera at home in Cheyenne
little boy wearing cowboy hat rides Radio Flyer horse at home in Cheyenne
baby girl swings indoors at home in Cheyenne
baby girl smiles at her own reflection at home in Cheyenne

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